Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pigtail Bun Inspiration for Every Hair Type

Can we just declare, once and for all, how freaking awesome it is that the ‘90s are finally back in style? (Barring, of course, JNCO jeans, body glitter, and bowl cuts.) Like, a million times yes to the chokers, thigh-high black socks, and half-up topknots. But our most-favorite thing of all? The pigtail buns.

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Oh, pigtail buns, how we love thee. And in case you haven’t noticed—they’re literally everywhere, on everyone, and in every picture. Maybe you’re even wearing a set of double buns right now as you read this article. But if not, we need you to test out this trend ASAP, so you, too, can understand the love that we have. Lucky for you, they’re incredibly easy to style. Here’s how to get them to stay up, based on your hair type:

If you have straight, slippery hair that loves to slide out of even the tightest of hairbands, make sure to blast your hair with texturizing spray (from root to tip!) before tying your hair into two high pigtails. Spray the ends with another spritz of spray, then loosely braid the ends (the braid help keeps your hair from slipping out) before twisting and twirling it into a bun. Pin the edges in place, then finish with a spritz of lightweight hairspray.

If you have wavy hair, you’ve got the easiest deal of the bunch. Using your fingers, rake your hair into two topknots, letting baby hairs and short layers fly free for a casual feel, then twist your hair into a bun and secure with an elastic. If your buns look too much like Shrek ears, try pinning them in place with bobby pins, rather than using an elastic.

If you have curly hair, you’re already starting with the perfect textured foundation for double buns that won’t fall out. You can either twist and pin the buns in place, or, if you have short, kinky curly hair, tie your hair into pigtails, and, on the last pass through the elastic, pull the hair only halfway through, forming a loop. Pin the loops in place, or let them hang freely as little puffs.

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Need some more inspiration? Scroll down to see the 20 prettiest and totally achievable pigtail buns that are makin’ waves on social media.


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